How would you describe the Agassi Graf brand?
It reflects our approach to life, which is joyful and energetic but also passionate and authentic. We want our name to represent the quality, effort and passion, whatever area we are in.

What kinds of partnerships do you have?
We have built a portfolio of partnerships and relationships in a very organic way. We won’t put our names on just anything. It has to have a genuine connection to the way we live our lives.

What are your main passions since leaving the game of tennis?
Primarily raising two small children and expanding our charitable foundation work. We knew we were not going to be those ex-players who always pine for the game. Tennis benfited us enormously but we can’t get too hung up on it. We’re blazing a lot of new trails and that feels pretty good.

Who wins when you and Steffi play tennis?
Our competitive streaks have not gone away. We both play to win and it’s often a pretty even match. Andre says his problem playing Steffi is not watching the ball.